our fab story


Welcome to SVL Lashes, Founded by myself Sophie Penfold. I am based in Ashford, Kent. I studied beauty at college in 2012, a love for the industry I then went onto get my first spa job where i worked for many years gaining important experience and skills for the industry, after my time came to an end i moved onto a salon, which is where i found my love for lashes and more 'non-holistic' treatments. After qualifying for individual lashes in college which at the time i disliked can you believe and also was terrible training of lashes, i took the plunge and booked a Russian volume lash course, little did i know that this would be the best thing i ever decided to do, it was very much a learning curve of how much i had to learn and how far i had to go. After this course i quickly became confident and a specialist in lashes. Since then I have completed workshops and courses in lashes to widen my knowledge and i have been running my own lash business now for about 8+ years. I offer all types of lashes and learning more every day, there are a lot of plans for the future of SVL Lashes to continue to expand.


When i started

My lash work when i first ever started, (approx 2014/2015)

To think at the time i was super happy that i had applied more then 3 lashes, but its a classic example of we all have to start somewhere.



This picture was taken recently in 2020, since starting i have attended many lash courses and lashed LOTS of clients, practise pays off, but i am still not done yet.

Where we are located :