Russian Volume Lash Course

Learn how to do the most popular technique in the industry;  Russian volume lash extensions - (Must be classic lash qualified)


Ready to level up your lash game? The ever popular Russian lash technique is a much loved method world wide because of the diversity you can offer to each clients needs.

This course is intended to further your lash skills and level up your lash game to become Russian volume lash extension qualified. In this course I will teach you the FINE ART of Russian volume and giving you all the tools and knowledge to be a great Russian lash technician. Russian volume is intricate so takes patience and practise to master, it took me many months to ‘click’ with Russian volume and get the hang of it and even now I am striving to improve and learn more.

What exactly is Russian volume?

Russian volume is a technique which was created in Russia, it can be also known as other names including – volume lashes, 3d lashes, fanned lashes. You can create bespoke lash sets for your clients and make them beautiful even with clients with sparse lashes.

It is the use of ultra fine lash extensions (0,03, 0.05, 0.07, 0,10) that are picked up in different ways to create a fan with multiple extensions in 1 fan. The fan could be described as a bouquet of lash extensions or a flare. Once the fan is created the technician then applies that 1 fan onto 1 natural lash. (the same as you do classic lashes)

The course will consist of many modules including;

  • What is Russian volume & why is it so loved world wide

  • Types of volume fans

  • What amount of volume is safe

  • How to make Russian fans using different techniques

  • Glue dipping

  • The wrap

  • Russian volume products

  • The perfect fan

  • Your work & room conditions

  • Aftercare

  • Pricing


The course will be jam packed with intense training to get the best possible outcome – courses are only ever one to one or occasionally 2 per class meaning you get UNDIVIDED attention, I will be there for you EVERY step of the way!

The course includes a FREE LUXURY kit, with essentials to start you off:

  • The SVL Russian manual

  • Doll training head

  • Training lashes

  • Russian volume lash tray mixed (x2)

  • Under eye pads

  • Micropore tape

  • Mascara wands

  • Lip-gloss wands

  • Pick up tweezer

  • Isolate tweezer

  • Lash adhesive

  • Dental mirror

  • Glue pallet/jade stone

  • Alco wipes for tweezers


Please note: you must be 16 or over to enrol on the course. All students wishing to enrol on this course MUST be already qualified in classic individual lashes, a copy of certificate will be required.


Course Start time : 9am

Course finish time 1pm approx.

The price of the course is

£390- this includes kit & accredited certificate.

(£50 deposit upon booking and the rest payable 2 days prior to the course)

To book the course or ask any questions please contact Sophie,

Instagram: Svllashes

Email: svlacademy@hotmail.com