Our new Angel Adhesive! After years of testing we finally have something we are super excited about, with a STRONG bond this adhesive will be your new bestie. Oil proof &  sweatproof this will improve client retention and keep your clients super happy! Team up with our other SVL products for a bond like no other!



Store capped properly to avoid air entering.

Professional use only

Store in a cool dry place out of reach of children

Shake well before use, be sure glue does not get into contact with eye when in use

Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate , black pigment

Patch test 48hrs prior

Rapid cure time : 1-2 seconds

Perfect temp : 22-26 degrees (24 degree)

Perfect humidity : 45RH%-75RH% (65%)

Retention 5-6 weeks

Glue shelf life is 6 months once open please use within 2 months

Please store glue 4-20 degrees

Angel Adhesive