Speed up your adhesive curing when finishing your client with our speedy superbonder! This magic in a bottle will cure lash adhesive in lighting speed, in doing so means your clients are safe to get there lashes wet (just 5 mins later) not that we advise it but its peace of mind! Using a super bonder will:


  • Make the glue bond more flexible and less brittle
  • MASSIVLY improve retention (around 25-30%)
  • Minimise glue fumes at the end of treatment
  • Cures the adhesive rapidly!
  • Cures adhesive from the inside out,  rather then outside in
  • No need to nano mist
  • Can be used on volume lashes or classic lashes


12 month shelf life


Ingredients: rubber, emulsion, fragrance, cellulose, sodium dodecyl, sulfate.


Once finished lash application , dry with lash fan for 2-3 mins, using I microfibre brush put one drop of superbonder onto the brush, then run the brush along the glue bonds.


Keep out of reach of children

If irritation occurs rinse with water


Speedy Superbonder