This beautiful strawberry scented remover is a fruity delight for you and the client, with its thick consistency it makes it hard to seep into eyes which improves client comfort and its super quick and breaking that glue bond which means a easy pain free lash removal!


Put pads under clients eyes, then ensure they keep there eyes SHUT the whole process.

Using a microfibre brush take enough remover out for the 2 eyes and place onto foil (avoids re dipping and cross contamination)  gently rub remover onto the glue bonds , leave for 5 mins (time for it to work) then massage the bonds and it should eventually slide off, If you notice remover is dried out simply soak a microfibre brush with water to soften – continue to massage to remove.

Once all removed wipe with cotton pads soaked in water to ensure any residue is all gone.


Ingredients : water, alcohol, propylene glycol, CI 16185, rosa damascena extract, allation, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, fragrance, disodium edta

Strawberry Lash Remover